Saturday, August 31, 2013

8/13/13: A whole month!

This week was awesome! We got to host last Wednesday! Guess who I hosted....... drumroll please.... SISTER PATICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND even better, she LIVES NEXT TO ME!!!!! Like the next room over!!!!!! We were going crazy!! Pics to come later of the two of us! Having her here has been amazing and truly an answer to prayers! She is doing really well and we are on the same eating schedule so we get to at least wave during those times! We hosted the early arrivals and in walks Marie! She did a double-take because she said she thought I was already in the field. She was sad to hear that I only had 2 weeks left here. It is amazing to me that I now only have a week. Reassignments this Friday. Some people have been called to their home missions on reassignments..... A bunch to Montana, NY, ID, WA, and a few to TN. I'm excited to see where I will be going. At first I was really hoping I wouldn't be reassigned but as I have thought about the fact that I'm going to be, I know everything will work out and it would be easier to learn how to teach in English before going Portuguese speaking. It'll all work out.
My Portuguese is coming along. When we taught our lesson last night I pretty much taught it and when he had a question I was actually able to answer it and he understood! I was really nervous at first when Sis. T was clearly waiting for me to answer his question (she usually answers them b/c her Portuguese is soooooo much better than mine) but I was able to do it!
 I am feeling a lot better. I still have a nasty cough.... There are 13 of us in my district and 9 of us are sick.... I went to the doctor on Thursday (I didn't even go to class all day) and he put me on three meds. I feel a lot better and I have finished those.
The temple- We went to the temple this morning (6:30 to be exact, yes I thought I was going to fall asleep or die at that time of morning.... I had to get up at 5:45 on PDAY but it was totally worth it for the temple!) The new movie is awesome and really well done! All of you should go and see it soon! I actually helped a few sisters with the clothing.... That was a first for me! Thank you Mom for going with me all of those times to the temple! I also remembered almost everything (except for 2 words) at the veil! It felt so great to be back at the temple! Being in the Celestial room and feeling that Spirit was really something that I missed. I wish I could go more while on my mission. I hope my reassignment has a temple! It felt odd to be there without you, Mom, but it was still great! 
I forgot to tell you that two elders in my district got visas this week! We went crazy over it!!  
I can't believe this is probably my last Pday here at the MTC. I could possibly leave on Sat for reassignments.... Not likely but missionaries do have that happen sometimes so we'll see! I look forward to emailing again on Friday!
Love and miss you!
Sister Tanton
Look how excited we are to see each other!  It has been great living next door to each other.  I'm sad it is only for two weeks!

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