Saturday, August 31, 2013

8/6/13: Wow....a whole month!

 I can't believe it's been a month! Time has gone slowly and flown by all at the same time! I am hosting tomorrow!!! I really hope I get to see Sis. Marie Patrick! I think she comes in tomorrow! I hope I can host her! I told one of my sister training leaders about her. She is hosting tomorrow as well and said she would send her my way if she sees her.

The MTC is strict but it isn't bad. I guess it's normal to me so I don't even think about it but I know that it bothers a LOT of people here. I guess because of being in the gym and the way I was raised it feels normal to me... one of my saving graces! Haha!  I am getting enough sleep. I have felt tired on some days but for the most part it hasn't been bad at all. The Lord definitely provides for His missionaries! 
This week was good. I had a big jump in my Portuguese speaking ability. I still have trouble with understanding it when reading and hearing it but I talked with Bro. Whitaker about it and he gave me really good ideas that worked for him while he was learning Portuguese. We are getting another investigator this week. We're going to be teaching a companionship in the district (don't know who yet, I think we find out Thursday) and we will be investigators for someone else. In TRC this week we skyped an RM that's from Brazil! I really liked it!  We are skyping again this week!
 Last Tuesday evening was bad... We had a devotional which was amazing as always and it talked about how a mission is supposed to be hard. After the devotional we had our review as a district and afterwards I broke down and couldn't stop crying. Idk why, I really think it was 3 weeks of holding it in and when the speaker said that we may ask the question 'why is a mission so hard, why can't it be easy' and then he related it to the suffering of Christ it really touched me and Pres. Radebaugh (branch pres) told me that there is no shame in being homesick and missing your family I completely lost it. Sis. T and I went out in the hall and she just let me talk and complain about life and cry a whole bunch.... I got a blessing from our elders. It was a really good one and I have been SO much better ever since. I've had a great week! I was sick on Thursday... just not feeling well and Sis. T was still sick so we went back to the residence and took naps. I slept for 3 hours straight! The sisters had to wake me for dinner.... I felt fine after sleeping. I'm sick again.... stuff speads around here like wild fires. Idk what it is. I have an appointment at the health center in about 40 min.  I'll be fine but my throat just hurts really bad and it hurts to swallow anything.  I'm having trouble breathing at night. I just want to be sure it doesn't make my asthma go crazy and make sure it isn't strep.
Sorry to end the email on a sickly note... But this week was good and it's getting so much easier.  This week Elder M told me that after a bad week a good one comes and that has been so true regarding last week and this week. When I got your dearelder on Wed. and you said you were really worried... it was crazy to me to know that even so far away you sensed something was wrong and you didn't know about Tuesday night. When I got your dearelder saying you were feeling better about me, I had had a really good day and was feeling so much better! !
The temple opens this coming week!!! I can't wait to go!
Love you!
Sister Tanton




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