Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another week has come and gone....

I can't believe it will be three weeks tomorrow!  This week was a hard one.  I was super homesick for a few days and just felt ready to give up.  I feel bad about having those thoughts.  I'm fine now, but something really had me going for a few days!
I love our second teacher (our first investigator)! I had an interview with him yesterday.  He is just so sweet! He's just one of those people that is super easy to talk to! I really hit the jackpot on teachers.  Our other teacher has only been home for about four months, but whenever Portuguese speakers hear he is my teacher they talk about lucky I am and how great he is. They are right! 
I didn't do the dips this week. I will try to set the record next week.  I did fifteen pull ups....I know, not very many, but I hadn't done them since February and I'm used to a gymnastics bar and not a slippery padded one!
The food here is okay....not great, but not bad.  I find plenty to eat because there is plenty of fruit and salad.  There is quite a bit of breaded meat, but the breading comes off easily. I can usually find something that isn't breaded for lunch and dinner. It's definitely cafeteria food and I just haven't had to deal with that before!
This week -all in all- wasn't bad.  I didn't mean to start off on a bad note!  It was hard for a few days there, but I know this is where I need to be and the Lord is helping me through the rough days.  I miss you! I miss having someone who understands me so well! 
Love you,
Sister Tanton
A view of some of the missionaries Tuesday night at the Marriott Center. (Don't worry- we had permission to take pictures!)

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